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A not-for-profit organization since 2000.

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Come Meet Our Mutts!
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Mutt of the Month

"Clover & Dottie"
A Terrier Two-fer!

Age:  6-8 or so
Breed: Terrier mixes
Sex: Brother & sister
Personality:  Easy Keepers!
These two bonded siblings are really quite cute together:)  We believe they have been together since birth and we would like to keep them that way.  They lie together and have to always touch.  They are great in the house and are very easy to care for.  Since we will only adopt them out as a pair, we have decided to combine their adoption fee for a two for one of $150.  Plus a discount if adopted during their month!

There is a $25 Discount off the Mutt of the Month's Adoption Fee!!!

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More adoptable and adorable mutts coming soon!!


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Please consider
a  foster angel
to a dog in need

MUM is looking for foster
homes. Being a foster
home to a dog in need
takes only your space, love,& committment. MUM supplies the rest! Please contact Regan at
for more information on our foster program.


Can't adopt a dog?  Can't foster a dog?  Still want to help?  How about sponsoring a dog?  

Occasionally, we will bring a dog in who requires a bit more medical care than usual yet we still keep the adoption fee the same.  With your sponsorship, we can provide that medical care and still continue to rescue more dogs.  Please email info@mixedupmutts for more information on sponsoring one of our foster dogs.

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